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All my classes are available on skillshare, to see the rest of my classes go to my profile Ale Lozano or click on any of these images and it should get you to it. If you want to learn about illustration, lettering and creative stuff, Skillshare is the place for you.

Hope you can join the community and share your projects!

reviews4_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
I’ve watched dozens of videos on brush lettering and find this one to be the most real. I find this instructor’s techniques most closely resembles how you’re going to learn. This instructor captures that the best.
— Beatrice Killeen, Modern Calligraphy
To a person that thinks it’s difficult, shown how easy and beautiful each flower is. Great class!
— Jeanne Aitken, Watercolor Florals
Ale is a good instructor. She explains her steps and is easy to understand. It was fun watching her make her magic.
— Lettering Inside Figures
She has the makings of being one of the worlds greatest calligraphy teachers! love the project and all the optional lettering styles.
— Maureen Peters, Modern Calligraphy
Ale is so talented I have taken several of her classes and she’s amazing giving new ideas and spins to projects
— Esmeralda Jonsson, Lettering Inside Figures
Ale is a great teacher! Approachable and simple instructions make one believe their lettering dreams can be achieved with, as Ale encourages, “a little practice”.
— Cindy Fort, Hand Lettering 1
studentsprojects_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
Thank you so much for these wonderful project ideas. I am new to watercolors and this lesson series really helped me increase my confidence and technique knowledge.
— Zhibek Salimbayeva, Watercolor Projects
I love all of Ale’s classes. She is amazingly talented and always gives me confidence to keep trying with my lettering. The classes are a good length to hold your attention but still give you all the information you need.
— Katrina McGregor, Watercolor Lettering
Awesome class for ideas to make your lettering into a complete piece. Very watchable class.
— Katrina McGregor, Hand Lettering 1